Smart Ad Portal

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Ad delivery just got a whole lot simpler.  Smart Ad Portal ensures that the ad you receive is ready to go to production - first time, every time.

Receiving ad materials has never been easier. As a publisher, receiving ads for print, web or tablet devices is a time-consuming, manual process that’s prone to error and takes up valuable resources. Production staff must ensure that every ad meets publication specifications, is free from errors and includes all insertion order details. We provide a revolutionary online system that streamlines production by automating the checking and delivery process and ensuring that every ad meets your quality criteria - automatically.

Your personalized ad submission portal. We give publishers complete control of ad specifications, deadlines, job tickets, automated notifications and file delivery. Branded with your own look and feel, Smart Ad Portal gives advertisers a tailored, easy-to-use online gateway to submit, verify, pre-flight, edit and manage every stage of ad submission. With an attractive, intuitive user interface featuring easy-to-understand terminology and helpful tools such as custom Adobe® InDesign® templates, online ad cropping and even online ad creation, Smart Ad Portal will have your advertisers up to speed in no time at all.