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We know what publishers are looking for, and, because we have an extensive knowledge of magazines, we’ve been meeting their high expectations for decades. In every sector of our business we’ve worked hard to develop programs that directly support our customers’ goals, and our digital editions are no exception.

Publishers Press digital editions extend the reach of our publishers magazines. Our digital edition allows our customers to stay competitive, while at the same time provide flexibility and convenience to their customers and advertisers with the ability to interact and consume digital content on multiple channels. The result is a digital product that’s easy to use, beneficial to our customers and has numerous features and options available, all at a competitive price.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of our digital edition offering is its integration into your print workflow at Publishers Press. One PDF is used to create your print and digital edition and you have nothing else to submit. Your digital workflow is managed by the same Customer Service Team you’re used to working with for your print product, so you can expect the same personal attention and service you always get from Publishers Press.

Digital Edition Benefits:

  • View internal statistics
  • One upload creates print and digital edition
  • Timely and targeted distribution
  • Customizable digital reader
  • Powerful organic search engine optimization
  • Track your readership with real-time analytics
  • Archive
  • Social media sharing capablilties
  • Use the LinkCreator
  • Edit the Table of Contents drop down
  • Manage their subscriber list (if applicable)