Publishers Press introduces The Magazine Channel

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Shepherdsville, KY

Publishers Press, a publication printer and content solution provider, is proud to introduce TMC, a new and innovative venture in aggregating niche content for publishers.

Partnering with KNFB Reading Technology, a Kurzweil Technology company, The Magazine Channel will deliver never before available special interest magazine content from niche publishers to audiences throughout the world, who will be able to discover, search, sample and share the unique collection of niche magazine stories and articles in their personalized “stack.”
TMC will be available in web and native versions, enabling users to build personalized collections of articles per each interest category.

TMC will be powered by a sophisticated recommendation and personalization engine being developed through our partnership with KNFB Reader Technology with along with our ContentXpress digital solution.

“We’ve been putting this together for more than two years, and have the support of dozens of our printing customers, all of whom are making years of their articles and feature content available for republishing under one coordinated digital roof, through cooperative license agreements with us,” Michael Simon, Executive Vice President, said.

Publishers Press is a family owned company in its fifth generation, with two production plants near Louisville, Kentucky. What began as a printing company in 1866 has evolved into a leading content distributor with a strong expertise in the magazine publishing industry. The full-service operation offers capabilities that include printing, distribution, e-mail marketing, label & packaging and more, with a concentrated focus on providing solutions to its clients.

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