One PDF upload is used to create your print and digital edition at Publishers Press. Our digital editions include space for advertising, company news, links and more. We’ve also developed rich media options including video and flash animations. Our digital editions are browser-based to create an app-like experience for any publication, turnaround is timely and the price is affordable, so it’s the perfect option for any publisher. Our native app digital edition option gives users the flexibility to discover, browse and navigate through your publication online or download and read offline at a later time.

Our digital editions allow our customers to stay competitive, while at the same time provide flexibility and convenience to their customers and advertisers with the ability to intereact and consume digital content on multiple channels. The result is a digital product that’s easy to use, beneficial to our customers and has numerous features and options available.

Additional benefits include:

  • One upload creates print and digital edition
  • Timely and targeted distribution
  • Customizable digital reader
  • Powerful organic search engine optimization
  • Track your readership with real-time analytics
  • Archiving
  • Social media sharing capabilities

Advertisers will be able to have ads linked to their own websites, or create video or animated advertisements, so they benefit from the additional exposure and your publication benefits from the additional revenue opportunity.

Advertiser opportunities include:

  • Areas of the view support rich media (video, podcasts, flash ads) and can be placed on any page
  • Remote hosting for rich media available
  • Inserts (belly bands, extra page)

Revenue opportunities include:

  • Navigation bar ads or company logo
  • Advertising sponsorship or hot link
  • Custom links
  • Rich media opportunities including video and animation
  • Inserts (extra page such as belly band, gatefold or barn door)