How can a publisher integrate an XML workflow?

There are generally three types of XML workflows: XML first, XML in the middle and XML last which all offer their own unique benefits and challenges.

  • XML first: is considered the most efficient workflow but can be the hardest to achieve. XML first workflows begin at the authoring stage, having content tagged as it is authored allows for the content to only be touched once and all deliverables from print, web, mobile, etc. can be created from this single content stream.
  • XML in the middle: is a bit easier to implement and allows for XML tagging to be done after the editing process is complete. It is a stepping stone towards the XML first workflow.
  • XML last: is the easiest workflow to implement. Tagging takes place after print files are signed off on or is done from the PDF files. XML in the middle and XML last allow publishers to build a structured archive of previously published materials that once established can help publishers move toward an XML first solution.