Rooted in history. Prepared for your future.

Shepherdsville PlantAs the 4th largest publication printer in the U.S., Publishers Press brings together credible resources, tools and solutions that offer sound solutions to our partner-customers. Quality, innovation and integrity are reflected in the partnerships with our customers and industry associates.

As a G7 Master Printer, Publishers is certified by IDEAlliance and identified as a printing company where our prepress service produces proofs to G7 standards. With Lebanon Junctionthe most modern technology, techniques, proofing and press controls it is our goal to continually improve overall quality.

At Publishers, we understand that the print and publishing industry is evolving. You need more than a printer. That’s why we look to offer our customer-partners options for additional growth and revenue generating options in this digital age. Publishers Press is committed to quality, unparalleled service and innovative solutions for our publishing partners.  Rooted in history.  Prepared for your future.