PubXpress Distribution

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We’ve taken action against rising delivery costs for publishers through sophisticated mail-list processing, efficient shipping and our innovative distribution system for Periodicals and Standard Mail.

Additionally, Publishers is a Full-Service Mailer utilizing the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb). Our customers can participate in the Full Service Address Correction Service (ACS) and we assist customers in obtaining a Mailer ID or if they already have one, can assist with altering the settings for Full-Service.

Publishers Press combines co-palletization, co-mailing and drop shipping into our unique PubXpress distribution system. This efficient system of delivery is designed to reduce cycle time, increase tracking and offer maximum postal savings for Periodical- and Standard-Class publications.

By finely sorting magazines according to postal areas and then delivering bundles closer to their entry points, we eliminate postal sorts and decrease transportation costs for greater savings to our customers.

How does it work?


Our onsite PubXpress distribution system is shared by our Bindery Manager at Publishers Press. See our innovative co-mailing, co-palletization and drop shipping and learn more on how Publishers Press can help take the headache and some of the dollars out of your publication distribution. Produced internally.