Frank and Nick Simon

Tradition and family values are the cornerstones of our business.
Publishers Press is one of the few remaining family-owned printing companies serving the magazine industry. Brothers Nicholas X. Simon and Michael J. Simon continue today to provide the level of service and stability people have come to expect from Publishers Press.

The Simon brothers are proud of a five-generation tradition of printers in the family and proud of what 1400 employees produce. Nicholas X. Simon, President and Michael J. Simon, Executive Vice President, feel their company has gained a fine reputation as a high-quality printer of publications. Michael Simon was once told by a client that Publishers Press is the “Rolls Royce of printing.”

Nicholas X. Simon

"I began working at Publishers in 1981 and give credit to my father’s wisdom, Frank E. Simon, for the success of the business that just by following the golden rule that goes to both your employees and your clients – you treat people like you think they should be treated, like you would want to be treated. The family, the tradition, is really important to me. Our blood line in printing means a lot."

Michael J. Simon

"I began working at Publishers in 1982.  Maintaining family ownership is paramount to all of us at Publishers. In a business environment, when the company is five generations old, there’s a great source of pride in the accomplishment of my forefathers and a great deal of responsibility to carry that forward. I don’t see an end of what Publishers can do."


Tony Whelan – Chief Financial Officer

Mark Veatch – Vice President of Customer Services

Dick Ryan – Vice President of Sales

Wendy Stratton - Vice President of Marketing and PubPress Solutions

Becky Ashbaugh – Human Resources Manager

Steve Sahloff – Vice President of Logistics

Kelly Reesor – Vice President of Manufacturing




Publishers Press

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Dave Russo

Darryl Wiggins

Brian Murphy

Publishers Printing Company

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Brian Houchens

Nick and Mike Simon

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